Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"I Don't Care (So There)" / The Donnas / Spend the Night

OK, I'm calling bullshit on The Donnas.

They suck. I downloaded this CD off of the great press they were getting circa 2002, and I'm still trying to decide if the whole thing is a big goof in a "We really stink and I dare you to call us out on it", or if they are really, earnestly trying and just are that bad.

Yeah, I get that they're girls in a rock band(!), and I get all the Joan Jett and Runaways allusions, the cleverness of everyone in the band being a "Donna" (like the Ramones), but novelty can only take you so far. Think about it, if they were a bunch of dudes, would they have even gotten a sniff at a record contract?

Bland riffs, poor singing, boring songs, trite lyrics,a sameness to every tune on the CD; like I said, just not that good. The only part I really do like is literally a few seconds in the chorus of "Take it Off", the little two-note pop at :59.

Not much to say about the song here, as I've already mentioned all I need to up top. If there's something you think I'm missing in them, let me know.